The Philosophy

At the North-East tip of the South Island of New Zealand lies a unique patch of land which is known the world-over for producing wines of elegance and sophistication. What makes this area so special is the soil, formed over centuries by slow glacial movement, and the seriously cool nights, which help the men and women who tend the vineyards produce fruit which capture the unique flavours of the region.


All around the world, certain areas are more suited to growing particular grape varieties due to differences in their climate and soil. In France, Bordeaux produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot whilst Burgundy produces Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. While very different, wines from both regions can easily command thousands of dollars per bottle, as they are revered for capturing the ‘essence’ of these grape varieties.

It is because of this that DRIFT wines come from Marlborough; to deliver the best possible wine for you to enjoy, either by yourself or with friends and family.


The fruit for this wine is selected from specific sites within the Marlborough region which best express the vibrant characters of the area. This selection goes beyond the broader Marlborough area; we select the best valleys, and from those valleys the best vineyard, and from that vineyard the best fruit.

We also believe in minimal intervention in our winemaking to ensure that the wine clearly expresses the unique characters of the fruit. This means that the grapes are chilled and gently crushed, and that we only tend to the juice when we need to ensure that none of the vibrant characters we seek are lost.